Tuesday 5th December
I'm sorry but YOF will be delayed a bit more.
I'm porting YOF to Linux ^-^ Linux rocks !!!!
I'm just not very used of programming with gcc...

Friday 1st December
Grrr.... I have to adapt quite a big part of Yof to a new technology.
Hopefully this will bring more speed and reliability to YOF once it'll work :)
It should be finish by the weekend.

Saturday 18th November
Yof is complete and is ready for beta testing :) As I had few minutes free to do whatever. I did a quick logo for YOF.
It's pretty crap because I'm no gfx guy.

Here's one more clue for you all. You sure get a better idea by now, don't you ?

Thursday 16th November
I'm very happy ! Some people did find what Yof is :)
Yof is very near from completion. It just lacks one last module and it'll be ready.
I have to expect some big bugs when I'll start beta-tests ;(

Sunday 12nd November
Here's the first ever piece of screenshot of Yof   :)

If you have an idea what it is about, mail me... and if you're right, you'll get into the VIP list and receive a version before anyone else.
Yof is about 80% complete and will soon enter beta-testing.

Friday 3rd November
Today it's the first day of the Yage team. I would like to give a big warm welcome to the two new members. I will soon give more clues on Yof...

Also a huge thank you to U2 !!!! I love this album !!!! I just can't wait to see them live !

Monday 30th October
Project name is YOF. And yes the Y is for Yage !!!
It has nothing to do with KOF :)

Sunday 29th October
As I'm busy working on a secret project linked to Yage ( an almost never seen before utility ), I don't have much time debugging Yage.
Therefore if you're interested in that position and help me finishing Yage please do contact me.
I require somebody with good knowledge of C++, DirectDraw. An advantage if you know the Gameboy very well.
Do send a little informal covering letter telling what you can do and I'll consider your application.
Email to : YageEmu@yahoo.com
I'm also looking for a cool web designer to change Yage webpage.

Not Yage related news : The new U2 album is coming !!! I expect a Beautiful Day !!!! ;ŹD

Wenesday 25th October I added the screenshot of the new GUI.
Maybe a bit too kiddy ?

Wenesday 25th October Just a quick message on my progress. I included a netplay option in Yage and it's already working well.
However Yage is still too buggy and runs too few games for a release right now.
I'll post a screenshot later today.
2 player mode will also be available without networks :)

In case you were wondering why I did write 'Luigi wins', that's "simple".
Luigi is the only character that appears as the 2nd player in most of the Mario games.